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Content is king. And if you're writing quality content, you better be doing everything you possibly can to drive traffic to it.

Just telling your followers about a new post isn't good enough. Especially when they're mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or clicking through Instagram stories.

Give the people what they want - a hit of your content. Something to think about. Show them a preview of what you've written and peak their interest. And make it easy for them to see the rest.

I built this tool to make this as easy as humanly possible. Drop your link below and you'll get back a beautiful, 60 fps, HD video that's already perfectly sized for Instagram Stories and Facebook. The video scrolls through your web page giving viewers a sneak peek at your content. Once the video is ready, upload it to your feeds and watch the traffic roll in.


Page URL

Scroll Speed

Elements to Remove (optional)

Check out the API docs for complete details.

  "serviceId": "29462b8d-79a6-4611-ba2e-c1e61b849c02",
  "input": {
    "url": "https://blog.floom.app/post/6-best-content-pieces-for-growth-hacking",
    "speed": "normal",
    "selectorsToRemove": "#cookie-notice"

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