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How It Works

Built By Developers for Developers

Floom operates on a BYO-API (bring your own API) philosophy: you bring your value-providing API and let Floom take care of the rest.

For instance, let's say you're a machine learning specialist and you built an API which removes the background from images. Tell Floom where your API endpoint lives and what input it needs (e.g. you need a POST request sent to with a body that looks like this { img: [image url] }. For complete API details, check out our docs.
Set your price (either pay-per-transaction or subscription plans). We'll automatically generate your product page complete with form inputs for everything your API needs (e.g. a file uploader for your API which requires a user image).
Whenever a customer places an order, we'll send a request to your API. Your API fulfills the order and you get paid.
It really is that simple.
  • API-driven Architecture
  • Automated Subscription Billing
  • Seller Analytics
  • Service Features and Reviews
  • Webhooks & Polling Options for Long-Running Services

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